Tag: There is No Honor


  • Lavinia Vanderboren

    Lavinia is the daughter of Verik and Larissa Vanderboren and elder sibling to her brother Vanthus. Having parished in a receint ship fire, her parents left the entrety of their estate to Lavinia, including a fine amount of debt owed to the Dawn Council, …

  • Kora Whistlegap

    A wisened-looking halfling woman, Kora has served the Vanderboren family for years and whom Lavinia now relies upon to carry out her errands and to tend to her guests.

  • Soller Vark

    Soller Vark is a disagreeable bald man with a jagged scar running down one arm, a wound he sustained in a bar fight but which he claims was a gift to him in a battle with a hook-handed pirate. He has been hired by Keltar Islaran to manage a number of …

  • Vanthus Vanderboren

    The younger of two siblings born to [[:verik-vanderboren | Verik]] and Larissa Vanderboren, Vanthus has disappeared from the public eye after the death of his parents.

  • Keltar Islarn

    Lord of Islaran Manor and representative of [[Azure District | Azure District]] on the Dawn Council, Keltar is an aging noble whose children have either gone missing or have no real interest in continuing the family’s traditional post as harbormaster.