Dawn Council
After emerging from the despotic rule of the Sea Princes, the citizens of Sasserine were reticent to return to the traditional rule under a solitary lord-mayor. Instead, rule of the city fell to seven long-standing noble families, each representing one of the the city’s seven districts. The driving goal of the Dawn Council is to see Sasserine return to its glorious roots as a port of call for exotic trade and exploration.

Emerald Crest
Over the last century a loose-knit organization of oceanic explorers formed, whose sole purpose is to scout the unknown and unexplained waterways of the world. Calling itself the Emerald Crest, its members chart new courses, draw new maps, give aid to endangered ships, and verify myths and legends, while sometimes even fostering some of their own.

Jade Ravens
The Jade Ravens, led by Tolin Kientai, are a mercenary company based out of Sasserine. The group has been in the employ the Vanderboren family for several years and the eldest daughter, Lavinia Vanderboren, has come to rely upon the party more and more in recent days. The other members of the Jade Ravens include Zan Oldavin, Kaskus Kiel, and Liamae Teslikaria.

Pathfinder Society
This loose-knit society of explorers, adventuring scholars, and fortune hunters scour the world for ancient secrets and lost magic. Though some members claim high-minded goals, the primary ambition of most Pathfinders is personal enrichment, and the order is notorious for cutting corners and damning the consequences of their insatiable curiosity and greed. For this reason they remain a secret society, working in the shadows and pooling information to benefit themselves, regardless of the moral or financial costs.

Scarlet Brotherhood
The Scarlet Brotherhood is a society of fighting monks, rogues, and assassins dedicated to rebuilding the ancient Suel Empire on the backs of their racial and cultural inferiors. The Brotherhood traces its history more than a thousand years, when the great human Suloise Empire stood at the zenith of five millennia of cultural accomplishment. Since the empire’s conflagration, the Brotherhood has schemed in secret to preserve the culture and way of life of the Suel Imperium. In a recent continental war, the Brotherhood struck from the shadows to conquer several maritime nations, including the Sea Princes who once held Sasserine. As a result, Brotherhood agents are tolerated – barely – in the city, where they focus on issues of trade and exploration and claim interest in working with – rather than against – the citizens.


Zelkarune’s Horns

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